MT-2 – Spray, 10mg

MT-2 – Spray, 10mg


TB-500 – Spray, 5mg

TB-500 – Spray, 5mg

BPC-157 – Spray, 5mg



Chemical Name
CAS Number
BPC-157, Body Protection Compound 15, GEPPPGKPADDAGLV
5mg per vial, 50mcg/spray
Physical Form
Vial: White lyophilized powder Solution: Transparent solution
1 x Measurement pipette, 1 BPC-157 vial, 1 Spray solution
This material is sold for laboratory research use only. Terms of sale apply. Not for human consumption, nor medical, veterinary, or household uses. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.


Enhance your body’s capabilities with BPC-157 spray, 5mg. Boost your performance and recovery with this revolutionary supplement, now available for purchase.

BPC-157 is a peptide that has garnered attention for its potential healing properties. It is composed of 15 amino acids and is naturally found in human gastric juice, where it plays a role in protecting and healing the gut. The synthetic version of this peptide, which is often referred to in studies, has been shown to have a variety of healing effects on tendons, muscles, and even bones. It’s known for its ability to improve blood flow to damaged tissues, which can accelerate the healing process. While BPC157 is available in different forms, such as injectable and oral, the 5mg nasal spray version has become popular due to its ease of use and the theory that it may offer faster absorption and bioavailability. This form of BPC-157 is typically used for its systemic healing benefits, which include musculoskeletal healing, anti-inflammatory effects, and gut health support. Despite the promising results in animal studies and anecdotal reports, it’s important to note that BPC157 is still considered a research chemical, and its efficacy and safety in humans have not been fully established through clinical trials. Therefore, any use of BPC-157 should be approached with caution and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. For those interested in exploring the potential benefits of BPC-157, it’s crucial to source the peptide from reputable suppliers to ensure quality and purity. The peptide’s mechanism of action is not fully understood, but it’s thought to involve the promotion of angiogenesis, the process of forming new blood vessels, which is essential for healing damaged tissues. Additionally, BPC-157 may interact with growth hormone receptors, further supporting the body’s natural repair processes. While the research on BPC-157 continues to evolve, it represents a fascinating area of study in the field of regenerative medicine and offers hope for new therapeutic approaches to healing and recovery. However, as with any experimental treatment, individuals should exercise due diligence and consult with healthcare professionals before considering its use. The potential of BPC-157 to improve recovery times and support overall healing makes it a subject of great interest within the medical community and among individuals seeking advanced methods to enhance their health and well-being. As research progresses, we may gain a clearer understanding of how BPC157 can be effectively and safely incorporated into treatment protocols. Until then, it remains a compound with intriguing possibilities and warrants careful consideration and respect for its potent biological activity.


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