Primobolan 200 – Hutech Labs

Primobolan 200 – Hutech Labs

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Propha®- Masteron 100mg/ml

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Propha®- Masteron 100mg/ml

ProMix® 150 – Hutech Labs


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ProMix® 150 – Hutech Labs

Product Description

ProMix 150mg

ProMix® 150 is a powerful anabolic steroid blend that contains three active ingredients: Trenbolone Acetate, Masteron Propionate, and Testosterone Propionate. Each vial of ProMix® 150 provides a concentration of 150mg, making it a potent option for intermediate-level users. With its availability in USA Warehouse 4, ProMix steroids offer individuals the opportunity to enhance their physique and performance.

How does it work?

ProMix® 150 combines the effects of three different steroids for sale, to provide a synergistic impact on muscle growth, strength, and performance. Trenbolone Acetate promotes lean muscle mass and enhances nitrogen retention, increasing protein synthesis. Masteron Propionate helps create a more complex and more defined appearance by reducing body fat. Testosterone Propionate enhances muscle growth, strength, and overall performance.

Proper Dosage and Administration

The proper dosage of ProMix® 150 for intermediate users typically ranges from 300 to 600mg per week. Due to the short esters attached to the active ingredients, frequent injections are required to maintain stable blood levels. Following the dosage and administration guidelines provided by a healthcare professional or the product packaging is essential.


ProMix® 150 offers a range of benefits for individuals looking to improve their physique and performance. The combination of Trenbolone Acetate, Masteron Propionate, and Testosterone Propionate promotes significant gains in lean muscle mass, strength, and power. Users can expect enhanced muscle hardness and definition and improved vascularity. Additionally, ProMix® 150 aids in reducing body fat, resulting in a more shredded and sculpted appearance.

Few Side Effects

It is important to note that ProMix® for sale, is a potent anabolic steroid blend and may have potential side effects. The occurrence and severity of side effects can vary among individuals. Some possible side effects include acne, oily skin, increased aggression, hair loss, and potential suppression of natural testosterone production. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using ProMix® 150 to assess individual risks and determine the appropriate dosage.

Where to Buy ProMix® 150 Online?

When purchasing ProMix® 150 or buying steroids online, choosing a reputable and reliable source is crucial. Roid Shop is a trusted steroids shop that offers high-quality products, including ProMix® 150. With our commitment to providing genuine products, discreet packaging, and secure payment options, Roid Shop ensures a safe and convenient buying experience. ProMix® 150 is available in stock to buy steroids Online, making it easily accessible.

In conclusion, ProMix® 150 is a powerful anabolic steroid blend that combines the effects of Trenbolone Acetate, Masteron Propionate, and Testosterone Propionate. With its mechanism of action, proper dosage and administration guidelines, and numerous benefits, ProMix® 150 is a valuable tool for individuals looking to enhance their physique and performance. When purchasing ProMix® 150 or any other steroids online, always choose trusted sources like Roid Shop to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product.


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