Enclomiphene Citrate – Solution, 12.5mg/mL (50mL)

Enclomiphene Citrate – Solution, 12.5mg/mL (50mL)


Tadalafil – Solution, 20mg/mL (50mL)

Tadalafil – Solution, 20mg/mL (50mL)

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) – Solution, 20mg/mL (50mL)

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Chemical Name: (2R)-1-((R)-2-Methylalanyl-O-benzyl-D-seryl)-1-(methylsulfonyl)-1,2-dihydrospiro[indole-3,4′-piperidine]
CAS Number: 159634-47-6
Synonyms: MK-677, Ibutamoren
Concentration: 20mg/ml – 50ml per bottle
Physical Form: Solution in Ethanol, Sterile Water


MK-677 (also known as ibutamoren), promotes the secretion of the growth hormone (GH) and increases insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels by mimicking the action of the hormone ghrelin and binding to one of the ghrelin receptors (GHSR) in the brain.

Activated GHSR stimulates growth hormone release from the brain. Clinical studies describe only the effects ibutamoren has on appetite and as expected, like ghrelin, ibutamoren increases it. GHSR is found in brain regions that control appetite, pleasure, mood, biological rhythms, memory, and cognition.

Therefore, we can expect that ibutamoren may also affect these functions. It increases growth hormone levels with little or no increase in other hormones, such as cortisol. Cortisol suppresses the immune system, reduces wound healing, and impairs learning and memory, and it’s usually not good to have this hormone elevated.


The benefits of MK-677 include muscle-building, a reduction in muscle wasting, better bone density, improved sleep, and anti-aging properties. It may also have nootropic effects and it can be beneficial in treating growth hormone deficiencies. Read on for a more in-depth look at these benefits.

  • Formulated and packaged to prevent evaporation in storage.
  • Built in graduated 1mL pipette for accurate measurement.
  • UV resistant glass bottle to minimize heat degradation.
  • Tamper-proof seal to ensure safety in transit.

Accelerates Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration

Growth hormone secretagogues such as Ibutamoren (MK 677) have the ability to accelerate the repair of damaged tissues caused by physical trauma or sports-related injuries. There is compelling evidence supporting the regenerative properties of MK-677:

  1. By boosting GH levels, MK-677 accelerates the migration of cells into the injured or damaged tissues, thus speeding up the wound healing process.
  2. MK-677 can also speed up the wound healing process by increasing skin thickness.
  3. MK-677 speeds up wound healing by increasing wound collagen content, granulation tissue, and wound tensile strength.
  4. MK-677 increases IGF-1 levels, which in turn stimulates wound healing by increasing cell proliferation and collagen synthesis.
  5. In mice, SARMs administration prevented damage to the central nervous system and improved regeneration by reducing inflammatory substances.
  6. In rats, growth hormone secretagogue administration improved functional recovery after various injuries by stimulating the formation of new neuronal cells.
  7. In mice, the administration of growth hormone secretagogue enhanced the healing of skin wounds resulting from trauma, surgery, or disease.

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Maintains a Healthy Heart

Heart disease ranks among the top in terms of mortality worldwide. Interestingly, Ibutamoren (MK 677) possesses potent cardioprotective properties that can help reduce the prevalence of heart disease and the rate of deaths associated with this condition. Recent research suggests that MK-677 and other growth hormone secretagogues can help preserve heart function through various important mechanisms:

  1. In obese patients, MK-677 treatment improved heart health by reducing low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol).
  2. By increasing ghrelin levels, MK-677 prevents programmed cell death of cardiomyocytes (heart cells).
  3. By increasing GH levels, MK-677 significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and related deaths.
  4. By increasing IGF-1 levels, MK-677 also reduces the risk of heart disease and related deaths.
  5. MK-677 and other growth hormone secretagogues protect against myocardial infarction by activating signaling pathways responsible for self-renewal and survival of cardiac cells.
  6. MK-677 also induces cardiac repair after myocardial infarction.
  7. In animal models, MK-677 and other growth hormone secretagogues stimulated the self-renewal of cardiac stem cells and promoted their survival.
  8. In mice, growth hormone secretagogue administration restored the electrical activity of the heart.
  9. In rats, growth hormone secretagogue administration protected against heart damage induced by reduced oxygen.
  10. In mice, growth hormone secretagogue administration stimulated the formation of new cardiac tissues.

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